Sperry Topsider Kingfisher Product Review (1 post)

  • Profile picture of %s Mark said 2 years, 10 months ago:

    Sperry Topsider has recently introduced the Men’s Kingfisher boat sneaker that uses their new ASV technology. Think of the Kingfisher as athletic shoes for when you are on-board your boat. These really are sneakers rather than shoes and they are perfect for the recreational boater who is serious about their ‘water-time’. The Kingfisher is designed and developed by world-class sailors and anglers specifically for boaters and uses Sperry Topsider’s Anti Shock & Vibration (ASV) technology.

    ASV Technology is important here as it is aimed at reducing shock (by up to 40%) that causes fatigue after even just a few hours on the water. This is key for just about every boater as pounding over waves to your favorite fishing spot or a long day sailing can definitely take its toll. Reducing this fatigue is critical from both a comfort and safety perspective.

    We tested the Sperry Topsider Kingfisher boat sneaker over the course of a week sailing in the BVI where we had days with some long haul sails and choppy seas. The bottom-line is that these are just outstanding boat shoes on a wide variety of fronts. Full review…