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Starting Back at School Again

November 7, 2012 in Team Sperry Blog

Dear all,

Time is flying by as usual! It has been a very busy month… I am back in school and boy it’s hard! I have been going to university for one month now and I’m getting back into it, after a 2-year break. At first it was weird because I knew nobody, since all my friends are graduated, but I made some new buddies and I’m starting to love it. The courses are also very interesting which makes things alot easier. I have been going to almost all classes but I haven’t had any time to study in the weekends or evenings because I have so much other things to do. I hope I find some time before the exams start in January ;)

I started training again two weeks ago, just to stay fit and not lose everything I build the last four years if I decide to do another campaign and continue to Rio. Also, I’ve been working hard in our apartment. It’s completely broken down by now and we can almost start building it up again. Can’t wait for the dust to be gone and the apartment to be finished. Finally our very own place! Clearly we have underestimated renovating, so much to do, think of and decide… Still, lots of fun! Read the rest of this entry →

Paul Goodison reflects on his time in Palma

April 30, 2012 in Team Sperry Blog

After a good regatta in Palma, it’s been a busy couple of weeks training in Weymouth before heading to Germany for the Worlds at the weekend.

On reflection Palma was a good regatta with progress on the things we have been working on. Starting was a primary goal and it was a little disappointing to pick up an OCS but after a good look at the video it may have been a little unjust! You have to deal with things you can’t control and the remainder of the regatta was good. Things didn’t quite go my way in the medal race and silver it was.

After a couple of days rest it was straight back out on the water. It has been good to get out on the Olympic waters and now with less than 100 days to go it’s getting very exciting. At times it has still been pretty tough, particularly cold and very windy so it’s been tiring and the days seem to disappear so quickly. Read the rest of this entry →

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